"A Mighty Performance… a little brown bag
full of goodies you just must have!"

- NY Theatre Guide


"If you loved Love Loss and What I Wore,
you're likely to revel in
Cheryl Stern's SHOES AND BAGGAGE!"

- Huffington Post


"A Wild Wacky Ride… fascinating and fun"
- Electronic Link

"Sharply funny, surprisingly touching,
and never a dull moment."
- Splash Magazine NYC


"Entertaining, enlightening and challenging...
The theatrical equivalent of a wardrobe basic!"

- StageBuddy


"You've got to see Cheryl Stern's wonderful show,
Shoes and Baggage. I adore this gal
and had a giggle-fest."

- Composer Michael John LaChiusa

"A hilarious, moving and
thought provoking evening."

- Director Rob Marshall


"Bold, brave, funny."
- Producer John DeLuca


"I need to bring all my friends to experience
this emotional fashion moment."

- Designer Alvin Valley

A Fan

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